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What the...? Halp! Stupid conflicting movie and GN canon. >:[

I'm writing an Ozzy/Bowie smutfic, and as I'm working on it, I've ran into a bit of a snag. I'm going with the movie canon as far as time and setting, but it has Ozzy outside of studio 54, in costume, in 1976. GN canon has Ozymadias revealing his true identity to the public and retiring in 1975. So why would he still be in costume? Just because it's sexy?

I'm confused.

I'm left with 2 options:
a) leave everything as I'd intended to write it but slide the year back (BTW, Bowie's last appearence onstage as Ziggy Stardust was 1973).
b)stay with 1976 and hope nobody notices that it deviates from GN canon.

Heh, maybe I'm thinking about this too much. But I'd like to get it right, and it would be much easier to add in little details to flesh out the story if I could pin down a year.

I'd like the added mystery of Bowie not knowing Adrian's true identity, if that's possible. I suppose that's the entire problem I'm having with this.

Oh and, heh, I did notice that he isn't wearing his eyemask in this scene. Maybe that means something, too.

Anyway guys, thoughts?
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