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Happy Caturday / moar Bubastis plz

Hello! LOL, I was at the library, and browsing the magazine stacks for Mad Magazine when I saw a recent issue of Canadian National Geographic, with the cover article being; Lynx - The Cross-border cat.

...they are really beautiful aren't they? ...and the expressions are so similar! I think we should totally take moar photographs of lynx and shop them. Below is my current effort, I think the shade of purple is like, wrong...but I might be able to fix it if I could just lighten the entire pic the right way. All I has is paint, and Word 2007, I purple tinted a sauce picture by Daniel J Cox, cut out the purple tinted lynx and paste it back on an unaltered original's background and fixed the edges. I extended the ears using yee old Select and Stretch...and now I'm stumped because I don't know how to do the stripes!!!

Run with this here;


Srsly though, what shade of purple is best? Like, dude, the book one is different from the movie and I've seen various variations in fanart, but this just looks really off right now. ...and let's see if there are some good Ozy or Goode photos that could be shopped with Bubastis, photo album project? I think this picture has MG with a really ozy expression, though, alas, it's only a headshot.
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