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Veidt Fashion Day / Purple clothes + Egyptian jewelry

So I found my Egyptian costume jewelry, which I brought during my Egyptian phrase, at like, the CNE, at least 100 years ago, along with the perfume oils that everyone I know hated...

The problem with this is that it cuts into my skin a little bit, but this looks fabulous eh? Alan Moore really had some great ideas. Why don't we have spark hydrants yet? We could introduce them first for cellphones and laptops and then move into the market for electric cars? Hell, with the aging population's need for segways, etc, it'll be a necessary idea soon enough. Why can't we have neo-Egyptian fashion? Roman-Egyptian fashion trends? Lots and lots of purple....



If we have like, a Veidt Fashion day where everybody wear something recognizably Veidt themed (and maybe do a meet up)...what day will be a good day?

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