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Anderson Cooper could have been Adrian Veidt in some other universe

Thought about this after I read Watchmen and watched CNN again, it is his ice smooth composure and habit of grieving through other people, plus, pretty and buff and has legions of fangirls and his sexual ambiguity

Then I was reading his wiki page, trying to find mention about something I totally remember (there was an Alexander or Caesar reference), when I saw this;

After his first correspondence work in the early 1990s, he took a break from reporting and lived in Vietnam for a year, during which time he studied the Vietnamese language at the University of Hanoi.[11]

My reaction was "Oh fuck", complete with facial expression.

brancher wrote a Dan and Rorschach newspaper AU, The Weird Turn Pro, but sadly, Adrian was absent

What does Adrian usually do in AUs where he isn't Ozymandias?

So far, my favourite (probably only one I saw), would be Highschool AU Adrian, which is the series that got me to get him and like him in the first place, when immediately after GN, I was still, OMG Half Of NY + OMG YOUR CAT HOW YOU COULD GO KENNY GLENN YOU BASTARD!!!! ;_;

To like -> I bet this could have been prevented if the crimebuster meeting had not been busted and someone had given him a hug. Maybe.

Other favourite AU is Dollverse, where he's still doing the superheroing thing, but not as Ozymandias, in an AU where he's ugly, I think he's sweet.

ETA: I just remember! Last night I was watching the the first clip of the July 8, 2010 Stephen Colbert show, when he brought his gun, Sweetness out, and I thought how sexy it would be if Colbert were to cosplay The Comedian (that guy does like to cosplay), when, 1 second after I thought it, Colbert started smoking a cigar.

ETA 2: Hey, anyone know any vampire!Adrian fic? Other than the jokefic where he did it 35 thousand years ago. I really want to do a quick and dirty fill of vampire Adrian / werewolf Rorschach, but it looks like it might be a while, if ever, cause now i has an alternate year 1000.

ETA 3 : Getting scaried now... Anderson bragging to adorable Kelly from Kelly and Regis about how he won Jeopardy scroll down</a>, and it's at 9:55. Awwwww, he won by many thousands of dollars and donated to charity, and lol, he was determined not to lose so he studied beforehand, and before the end he was giving the other contestants tips during commercial break because he felt bad about how bad they were losing, lol.

ETA Aug 2nd: What the flying fuck? Anderson Cooper Hit Studio 54 With Michael Jackson (vid link is ded now, article.

ETA Aug 7th: lol somebody actually requested Adrian/Anderson back in 2009.
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